Monday, August 16, 2004


Cell Phone craze

With the liberalisation of the Telecom industry cell phones have become very affordable in this country. The result is that to the naked eye it seems as if almost everyone is mobile with some people having two or three. The thing that is annoying is that some people show really bad manners with the use of these phones. Yeah, they are really supposed to allow people to reach you at any given time and vice versa. But, I can't help but wonder what could be so important to cause someone to take out their phone in church and proceed to make a call. Recently, I was at a funeral where a cell rang and the person proceeded to have a conversation totally oblivious to the occasion. Indeed the minister had to ask the offender to take the convo outside. Have you ever gone to watch a play and hear the MC ask patrons to turn off phones as a courtesy to other patrons and actors only to hear the annoying beep minutes after? Makes you just feel like hitting the person over the head. I know the phone is useful as in my case it doubles as watch since am one of those persons who do not wear any.But is it really asking too much to expect people to be considerate of others with the use?

My beef is with people who use cells while driving. Presently there are no laws in Ontario which makes using a cell phone while driving an offence. However, if they did legislate such an offence I submit that a reasonable and proportionate punishment for the offender would be to spend an entire week at Yadi's house. Bet yuh they will value keeping dem mouth and cell phones shut after that. heheheheheh (evil).

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