Wednesday, August 25, 2004


The Breast Debate

Today I went to buy a top and the saleslady told me that I need bigger breasts to carry it off. Needless to say I was not very amused. However, it got me thinking about the obsession with breasts. Yeah, I know they are the visible sign of womanhood and its compounded by seeing all those full breasted women gracing the magazines in swimsuits or low cut tops revealing cleavage and more cleavage. I must admit that growing up I used to be quite conscious of my smallness so much so that I could not wait to grow up and get some implants. Well, am all grown up now, still have a small chest but no longer harbouring any thoughts of implants.It turns out my mother was correct when she said I would appreciate small breasts better when I grow up.

Small breasted women have a lot (no pun intended) to shout about. For starters we defy gravity longer and you can go without a bra which means that you can wear all the halter tops and backless fashions quite easily if you are so inclined. I may be a tad biased but I think small bosoms are easier to dress. So why was this woman trying to rain on my parade again?

By the way I bought the top and am gonna wear it tomorrow.

So wait you is a small breasted woman? so what me wasting me time talkin ta ya fa? ya at least got bottom? lol

Seriously though as long as ya happy with what God gave ya its all good. some women seem to think that breasts are the only thing that grab a man's attention but there are other things like ummm ammm there are other things that grab our attention so i've been told. ha ha ha.sorry just cant stay serious on this topic.

what worries me though are the folks who go get the implants because that seems a bit dangerous to me putting foreign substances in one's body.
You are terrible but you know that already
I'm terrible? the guys are going to have a feel umm i mean field day with this topic. lol
kami is a kiss meh rass liar....she got some big big big floppy bubbies....if she not careful she does mash dem when she bathing ang ting....and does be thinking she having heart attack when she mash dem...

I love small breat women.

I always have images of them down by the knees later on in life and shudder, and the going without bra thing always turn me on easily.

Have you ever though that maybe desingers trying to sel ltheir products more than it is needed?
what's wrong with you. GET A LIFE!
Just kidding.
Fof real!
Maybe you are interested in this site.

Small Breasts, does size really matter?

I wish you´ll like it and it´ll be useful for you. Regards.
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