Thursday, October 27, 2005


Independence Day

Happy 26th Independence Anniversary St Vincent & The Grenadines “One People, One Vision – Celebrating 26 years as a nation

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThe green diamonds are shaped in a V for St. Vincent, and reflect the plural nature of the many islands of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. These gems define St. Vincent and the Grenadines as the gems of the Antilles. The Blue represents the sky and sea. the gold is for warmth, the bright spirit of the people and the golden sands of the Grenadines. The Green represents the lush vegetation of St. Vincent's agriculture and the enduring vitality of the people.

Its raining heavily as I type which is bad news for the parade and probably the big election rally in the PM's home village.It is speculated that Election date may be announced at this rally so anticipation levels are quite high.With this in mind the rain if it continues into the afternoon may not be enough to keep away the party faithfuls.Am gonna be listening intently to the PM's address to see what goodies he has in store for us after the hints of bonuses,salary increases etc.

Happy Indepdendence Day!
Happy Independence tuh de Vincy massive. I didn realize that your independence was so young.
Very informative re- your flag... Have a great, if somewhat wet day babe...
I hope you still get to enjoy your independence celebrations despite the rain. It's raining here again in Jamdown.
Happy Independence Day! (I thought you were the gem of the Antilles
I think my Vinciness makes me the gem of the Antilles:)Thanks everybody.
Happy Independence Day! I display my flag in my car!!!
Happy Aniversary! The anniversary of your nation (26) years is a year younger than I am. That feels weird, LOL! I added your blog to mine by the way. Add mine to yours if you'd like.
Happy Independence celebrations continuing 'till Wednesday next week when me reach!? ;-)
Happy independence day!
happy independence
Thanks for explaining Happy Independence i'm lat forgive me.
Was it a good independence day for you, is my question?Happy belated Independence Day!
Hope you enjoyed the Independence Day. How have you people been taking to Ralph? Do you think he is going to win again? I used to know him back when he was at Cavehill. Seemed like a nice guy, quite radical (he has really toned it down now) and loved the girls! Very good teacher though.
Still loving the girls.Think he will win again but in my opinion he makes a better opposition leader than PM.
I think you are great, I love your thoughts because I can relate, I love the way you out things together for our understanding. I just love you.
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