Saturday, June 21, 2008


Teen moms

Teenagers do crazy things. They test the boundaries and strive to create their own identity. Some dabble with drugs, sex, offend adults with their taste in music,clothes and sometimes their language. I once intercepted a second former selling blowjob tips to her all too willing and agonised about the reasons the girls gave for going out with older men. As one girl said to me,"Miss,I want a cell phone and clothes". Lest we forget, numerous self made sex tapes are also distibuted via cell phones.

Never in my life though have I heard about teens making a pact to get pregnant. So the news that 17 teens from Gloucester High in Massachussets have made such a pact has me confounded. All I can think is they have no jobs and they are all under 16. Somewhere,somehow the thought of a baby seems to be a glamorous thing or maybe a fashion statement. Unfortunately, there is nothing glamorous about dirty diapers, incessant crying and curtailing of social life to look after a baby. I won't even talk about the awesome task of single parenthood and the finances needed to properly care for a baby.

Is it that these girls are not beng shown love and want someone to love them? Unfortunately,babies do not love,they just want their needs taken care of. They sure are lovable but they do not return the love until they are older. I am already sorry for these babies and their parents whose lives appear so lacking in guidance.

I wish they could have made a pact to postpone pregnancy until they are financially and emotionally ready.

real siily
Upsetting, why don't they take pacts to see who will be the first to be on the cover of the economists...

Crazy! Absolutely crazy!!
These girls are certainly misguided and totally devoid of common sense and self esteem!
You just listed the qualities of a responsible mother; whoever said the girls were going to do that?
I hadn't heard of this... wow... I'm stunned... there's so much information out there... none of it deterrred these girls???
Dammit! Where were these girls when I was in high-school?
Scary thing is, they have obviously not given a thought to the possibility of catching or spreading an STD! Dyam schtupid eedyats! And, they bringing the baby home to Mom and Dad to raise. I have two words: Bitch Slap!
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