Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Gift idea

So christmas is just around the corner-although here in St Vincent the elections are overshadowing everything.I happened to hear a Killer Miller song that sorta reminded me that in December there is a big event that does not include having people at each others throat.I know its usually a chore finding the perfect gift/s so for those so inclined here is a sure winner

Boffins have invented a sex toy that connects up to an iPod and vibrates in time to the music.

The vibrations get faster as the music gets louder on the £25 iBuzz, reports the Sun Online.

Ali Carnegie, of adult-store, said the firm is already on the verge of selling out of the bullet-sized device before Christmas.

She said its inconspicuous design has been a big winner with women and claims the sex toy, totally unrelated to Apple, is perfect for giving users "big smiles on their way to work".

Jessamy Hawley, of Gadget Candy - a technology website aimed at women - believes combining two female passions is sure to prove a No1 hit.

She added: "The iPod is this era's must-have accessory, while a vibrator is a timeless addition to every girl's gadget drawer.

"Entwine the two and you've got the ultimate cheeky Christmas stocking filler."

Kami say it ein so....whaloossss, men look out....first me haffa get de iPod, but then again...naaahhh Mr. Camp would do.
I decline comment based on my professional status, and defer all further comments on this subject...
HA! Just when you thought the irabbit would suffice...
Thanks for the christmas gift idea. Good gifts are so hard to think of...
Yeah. Kinky. Let me know how it feels.
Shoot me now. I'm heard everything. My daughter wants an iPod for Christmas. Now do I have to tell her she's too young?!?!?!?!?
hehehe great gift idea who knew you can learn so much from peoples blogs.
LOL! I know a lot of women will be hoping for that gift.
Send all o dem gyal who want that for Xmas over to my site....I have a gift to let off that will buss out dem Christmas stocking (and more) far better. Leave dem as Shaggy would say wid, "A permanant smile!'! ;-)
I think I now know what I want for Christmas. Thanks for the heads up, Abeni. LOL!
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